Laurie Glover

8 years of digital and commercial geekery

I'm lucky enough to have worked for some of the largest companies based out of Dover, Kent including SeaFrance, Megger and MyFerryLink alongside a plethora of independent traders and shops within the town. My methodology is simple, identify the digital challenges of the company and address them as effectively as possible. Always keen for a new challenge and often available to undertake freelance work of all sizes and scopes.

I can communicate the principles of digital marketing clearly and concisely to all levels of experience and management ensuring effective vertical communication within a larger company and happy clients who understand the process I am leading them through.

From direct response to content strategy the goal is the same - pre-qualify potential customers and get them to your website as cost effectively as possible.

Some of the acquisition highlights of my career include management of a multi-million pounds Pay per Click budget spanning 5 languages, the roll out of a technical content strategy targeting engineers in 17 countries.

I also took a large travel company from Page 10 of Google to top 3 positions for all of the major keywords in their market. My broad skill set in PPC, SEO, Affiliates Management and more allow me to drive customers to your company whilst delivering a strong ROI.

It's vital to keep your customers coming back time and time again without breaking the bank to get them there! Retention based marketing is some of the most cost effective available and draws upon previous customer experiences and internal assets to drive additional sales.

I have managed eCRM programmes with revenues in excess of £2million a year as well as started from scratch in selecting eCRM systems and overseeing projects to deploy them internationally.

Marketing has moved from an artwork to a science, using data to analyse activity lets you track successful campaigns for future investment whilst weeding out what didn't work so well. Marketing has become an evolutionary process

Regardless of the medium it's vital that creative reflects your brand and product at every opportunity. I've worked on web design projects at the international level as well as managed creative development for both online and offline marketing campaigns in multiple industries. I'm equally comfortable above the line as I am below.

I excel at taking projects from conception to completion on tight timescales and up against budget constraints. I take great personal pride in my ability to deliver project based work effectively time and time again. CMS roll outs in multiple languages to new website functionality and fully integrated marketing campaigns, I tackle each project with enthusiasm.

I have experience in managing budgets, people, projects and agencies. My ability to brief my team or an agency is crystal clear, breaking down the needs, resources and expectations for each activity. I specialise in making the most of available budgets with a keen eye for ROI and a passion for applying key metrics wherever I can. I'm a positive leader and get the most from everyone I work with.

About Me

A little bit about Laurie Glover

Background & Education

I started out at Dover Grammar School for Boys where I didn't really pay much attention for the first few years. By A-levels I had bucked up my ideas somewhat and left with A levels in Business, Law & Politics.

My Business teacher first lit my flame of passion for marketing and I attended Brighton to read Business Management & Marketing - I left with a 2:1 and an award for Excellence in E-commerce thanks to a paper on e-recruitment systems.

Hobbies & Trivia

I have a variety of pastime activities ranging from the mundane such as TV, Music, Movies & Books to the slightly more eccentricl including Trading Card Games, Table Top Wargames, Live Action Roleplays and a cheeky bit of Poker if I'm feeling lucky.

I can't play any instruments but I consider myself to be particulary good at the Logo boardgame. I consider myself a digital native and am rarely seen apart from either phone or tablet.

Skills & Attributes

Digital Marketing 95%
Brand Development 75%
Commercial Awareness 95%
Karaoke 33%

"It was a pleasure to work with Laurie. He is one of the wisest marketers I know. Like all good communicators, he is able to explain his subjects in terms simple enough to enthuse those around him. He'll go far!"

Mark Johnson, European Marketing Manager, Megger Ltd.

"The clearest brief I've ever received by text message"

Vince Cole, VCL Media

"Laurie brought three great attributes to his role. He has immense depth of knowledge and interest in just about every area of digital marketing; he brought a focus on execution and getting things done; he is a thoroughly nice guy who added to the social structure and cohesion of the department. Laurie will go far in his career, and I am proud to have had him as part of my team."

Nick Hilditch, Group Marketing Services Manager, Megger Ltd.

I approach each problem with an open mind and a wider commercial awareness. I identify the problems you face in the digital arena and apply my skillset to solve them.

Freelance Services

Digital skills across applied to SMEs as well as large multi-nationals

In my spare time I enjoy undertaking side projects with primarily small and medium enterprises ranging from development of functional e-commerce websites to local digital strategies and social media setup and planning. Your company can benefit from my skillset honed across multiple verticals in large multinational companies as the core principles of digital marketing remain the same regardless of scale.


The design and development of websites built from the ground up with search engine optimisation in mind. The perfect way to bring your vision for your main online presence to life.


Your customers will need to find you, and they won't always find you by your name. It's important to be positioned well for a variety of generic keywords important for your business.


Your customers expect to be able to find you on social platforms and it's important you utilise these channels to keep people interested in your offering.


Access the global market by selling your product or services directly online through your website. Full setup of shopping cart and payment systems that empower you to bring your business to the web.


If you're collecting your customers email addresses but don't yet know how to monetise it then it's time to start your eCRM programme.


Understand your customers better with cutting edge insight to their online behaviour during their interactions with you. I can give meaning to your data to help you make forward thinking decisions.

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